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The Swedish paragliding association has some information in English for foreign pilots visiting Sweden. Please see this link: SSFF English pages

Cirrus paragliding club is situated in Stockholm. The club was founded in 1989, making us one of Sweden’s oldest paragliding clubs. It is also one of the larger clubs in Sweden with about 140 members.

Flying in and around Stockholm
The southern part of Sweden, where Stockholm is situated, is flatlands. The nearest mountains are some 300kms away. This means that the type of flying we regularly do close to home is either soaring or towing.

Arlanda airport and Bromma airport are situated north and west of Stockholm and the CTR zones extends over the town. For the major part of Stockholm this means that controlled airspace extends to GND. Flying close to town usually means soaring or slope flying on small hills. There are some towing fields close to Stockholm, they typically have 1500ft and no possibility for xc. In order to get good height with the possibility for xc flying we have our club field, Tärna, located 110 kilometres west of Stockholm. It takes about an hour and 20 minutes to drive up there.

Tärna has proven to be a very good field for xc and thermal flying, for the past years more hours and kilometres have been logged from this field than from any other in Sweden. Tärna is also highly suitable for students and pilots that don’t fly xc since it is a big, open field, surrounded by farmlands. We try to start towing at around 1030, and to continue on until 1800 or later, giving pilots that don’t want to fly in thermal conditions a chance to fly in the morning or evening.

In the summer time flying is usually focused around towing. We have organised towing on every flyable Saturday and Sunday from early spring to late autumn. This is normally advertised on the message board on Friday, when the weather prognosis for the weekend is in. It is also available on the clubs answering machine, the message is usually in Swedish though. On weekdays, many pilots seek out one of the small hills around town for some evening soaring.

Winter time means soaring. Once the ice holds, we have access to a number of nice soaring sites close to town. Many of these sites are not flyable in the summer, since they lack an alternative landing to the water below.

Cirrus paramotor pilots are very active all over the year, with a number of takeoff sites around Stockholm. Due to restrictions in the airspace surrounding Stockholm, and individual agreements with land owners for the respective takeoff and landing sites, we ask you to contact someone in Cirrus organization, in order to get more information and help with practical information. You can reach us on mail address or contact anyone in Cirrus council.

Message board
It is normally quite easy to get a ride out to the towing field, or just get some company on the slopes or paramotoring, just drop a line on the forums and let people know that you want to come along and how to get in touch with you.

Cirrus message board can be found here

Some useful terms:
Nytt ämne = new subject
Nytt inlägg = new message
ämne = subject
Meddelande = message
Namn = name
Bild and Kod = For spam protection, enter the text you see in the image next to "Bild" into the "Kod" field
Cirrus line (answering machine): +46(0)8 605 90 40

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Directions to the Tärna club field from Stockholm
Take E18 towards Enköping/Västerås/Oslo. At Enköping take road 70 towards Mora. Pass through the small village Simtuna. When you see the sign “Tärna kyrka” you have about 3km to go. When you see the sign “Tärnaby kvarn” make a left turn onto the small gravel road. Once on the gravel road, please drive very slowly as you will pass several houses and we want to maintain good relations with the people living there.

Drive past the big yellow house on the right side and the barn. Make a left turn before the red house on the left side. Drive past the old mill and you will enter the field. Once you get to the small bridge you should be able to see which runway is being used and where the start is. If the start is located close to the mill you make a left turn just after the bridge, if the start is located on the other end of the field you continue straight after the bridge and make a left turn before the ditch, and then turn right once you reach the crossing runway.

Before crossing or turning on to the runway, please stop and check if any lines are out. If they are, please wait for the takeoffs in progress to complete or clearance from the start. Once both lines have been towed and the "fyrhjuling" (atv?) have passed it is ok to drive onto the runway. If you bring a radio, it is a good idea to turn it on on frequency 147.200 Mhz and give the start a call.

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